Alonso G. Smith


1971, oil/canvas, 39" x 27"

From the military's nuclear wheel of chance emerges a cornucopia of trinkets that dazzle a family, blinded by this no-win game, as they enjoy their "things". Father, mother, and son, distracted by their trinkets, accede to ICBM's aimed at the peace symbol; lethal, nontoxic chemicals; vapid television; and the Ku Klux Klan. With their supermacho car and the housewife's ultimate appliance falling from the overloaded carpet, they need not concern themselves with the oil spills, rockets, Tinkertoy trees in the stumps of denuded forests, nor with the weapons that support the source of their pleasures. Fortunately, for those who do care, among the stars in the sky stands a welcome martini for solace.

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