Alonso G. Smith

Vain Discourse on Ecology

Vain Discourse On Ecology

1969, oil/masonite, 28" x 28"

Two descendants of gene-contaminated humans examine and compare a newborn human throwback with their normal babe. These self-inseminating, nonmammalian mutants need no nippled breast and have, therefore, developed breast-horniness, instead, for resistance or attack. Under torch-tipped umbrellas, they warm their eggs and protect them from pollution. One mutant, like his ancestors, puffs at a cigarette which links its smoke to that of the factories on land. Both wear blinders to protect their eyes from pollution and truth, but one also wears his eyeglasses to proclaim clearsightedness. Golden Calves, still idols of worship, stare blankly out at the irradiated sea. The wrathful gods send bolts of lightning, but one lonely star of hope still illumines the scene.